40 years experience with free weights, core training, resistance training with a strong emphasis on posture and core activation during exercise.

For you the emphasis will be on good technique, smoother controlled lifts, allowing higher resistance workouts without fear of injury.

Every effort will be made to ensure you are fully trained according to
your needs, inherent physical ability, and your own drive to be
stronger, fitter, and healthier.

Areas to be covered in your training sessions

Strength Training – Improve muscle balance and target specific muscles and muscle groups.
Range of motion, flexibility and mobility. Static and dynamic stretching.
Cardio/Fitness workout High reps with low Weight/Resistance.
Core training Swiss ball workouts, Workouts on the mats. core activation during exercises.
Ongoing fitness assessments; Posture, blood pressure, weight, advice on diet and supplements.

I’ll look forward to meeting with you, assessing your needs, and helping you build a strong base for long lasting strength, fitness, and health.